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Though I wrote poems before 1995, it was November of that year that my life took a turn that led me to putting poems on bookmarks.. In a terrible car wreck my wife, Alberta, was taken from me and my own life hung by a thread. But through God’s grace and many prayers, Jesus restored me back to health. Though I was physically and emotionally hurt, the prison ministers I stayed with (in Louisiana) during my recovery encouraged me to put poems on bookmarks and give them to the inmates in Louisiana prisons (including death row in Angola, Louisiana, and at Nashville Correctional Center). In due time God sent me a blessing, and I married my wife Judy. Now God is doing wonders with the bookmarks through ministries (such as Battlecry Ministries International, Tulsa, OK). God has connected the bookmarks in America and other countries such as Africa, India, Mexico, Ireland, England, and the Orient. The poems on the bookmarks have different subjects in one sense, but in a larger sense all the poems have one thing that stays true..they are consistent with God’s word and are backed by scripture. Through agreement in prayer, Judy and I have learned to stand with others in faith and send certian bookmarks to certain places as we feel led by Jesus.


~ Sam Weaver ~


The Road To Anderson

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